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Why sales pros love custard pie

By Mark Blezard

Mark Blezard explains how to deal with rejection in sales

Rejection in sales can be tough. Even worse when you are selling your own concept during start-up phase. A plain old 'No' hurts, so when a prospect sprinkles this rejection with a little rudeness – it really stings.

So how do you learn to love the old 'custard pie'? Simple, measure them. This will give you two things. Firstly, a clear indication of how many 'No's' you need to average a 'Yes.' And secondly, you now have a target to improve upon. This is how professional sales executives measure their performance.

You don't need to record complex detail surrounding each rejection. Start with a simple count. For example, if it takes an average of 10 dials to engage with a prospect, and you convert one in five pitches to a sale, what do you have? Your formular; dial the phone 50 times, speak to approximately 5 people, and a sale is coming.

Now the 49th custard pie is starting to taste sweet!

How to measure rejection by Mark Blezard

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