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Time to celebrate a sale...

By Mark Blezard

So you've closed a deal, time to celebrate! You are a superstar, an ace at cold calling, the king of qualifying, and a champ at closing. Yep, this is the sales process, right?

Now ponder this. Many years ago, when selling media space, I closed a deal with a regular client. I took an order from my briefcase and started to complete the campaign details. "I know we've done a lot of business before, Gordon." I said, "But best get you to sign on the dotted to confirm the sale if that's okay?"

Gordon looked at me, smiled, replying, "It's not a sale until I pay the invoice!"

I sat back and reflected on that. At which point I realised – THIS is the sales process, from prospecting to payment. After all, most of us get paid commission on settlement, not sight of a signed order.

Now if you are a great KAM none of this will come as a surprise. However, if you are the MD, owner, or regional manager, consider this. Anyone, and I mean anyone, with any level of customer contact should be considered in sales. This starts with delivery drivers, installation engineers, service staff, customer service, accounts, etc. If they have any interaction with your customers they are capable of scuppering this order.

So, conclusion. Document all these various job roles and line them up for some sales training. Whether online, YouTube, a webinar, it will pay dividends. Not only will they start to serve customers better, but they will also learn to spot opportunities and communicate more meaningfully to your sales force.

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