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The most powerful quality for an entrepreneur

By Mark Blezard

Self-belief is probably the most important trait of an entrepreneur. However, like your business, it takes careful management. There are three rules of 'self-belief' to be aware of.

Firstly, arrogance. Strong self-belief leads to confidence which, in turn, can lead to appearing arrogant. Telling others that "you can and you will," all the time can create distance between friends and peers, people whom you may require along your journey

Second, negativity. Believing in yourself is not a shield of armor, it can be penetrated. Watch out for those who ooze negativity, constantly diminishing your ideas. Never lock horns with them, simply walk away.

And finally, knowing when to ask others. This is the biggest danger of self-belief for entrepreneurs, knowing when to stop or get help. I've worked alongside many great business professionals who had a great idea but were wrong, or slightly off focus. Instead of getting advice or accepting the concept was faulty, they've soldiered on and taken the idea and all of their money to the grave.

The last point is a little chilling but ponder this. It is not an issue if you don't try, you'll simply become a pontificator, the person who sits in the pub telling everyone why they didn't do something great in a very knowledgeable fashion. You don't want that, do you?

So crack on. You CAN do it. Just remember the rules.

Self-belief by Mark Blezard
Believe in yourself, you can do it

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