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Step back to see the way forward, by Mark Blezard

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Sales challenges, by Mark Blezard

Sometimes you hit a roadblock with a prospect. They refuse to take your call, sign an order, to understand your point… It is common in sales, and extremely frustrating when, to you, the benefits you can bring are blindingly obvious!

So, here’s a tip. Do not get hot under the collar or frustrated. This is when we start to let professionalism slip. Indeed, this is when we start doing the same old [unsuccessful] thing time and time again, such as emailing the same pointless message, or even worse, trying to pre-sell perceived benefits as a hook.

No. Step back and ask at least two other people what would they do in your situation. This includes partners and ‘non-sales’ people.

Disappointed that this ‘top tip’ is so simple? Well, don’t be. The power of having a network of friends and peers to bounce the seemingly impossible challenge off is astonishing. Trust me.

Working alone in sales – now that is truly nuts!

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