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Selling against the competition

By Mark Blezard

Selling by Mark Blezard
Why! An essential sales question

So, imagine this. You've just pitched your company to a buyer. The buyer has two other tenders on her desk. All three companies are similar in price, reputation, and service offered. How do you stand out?

Unless you have a differentiator, you know what's coming next – a price war!

The pitch went well, you answered all the usual questions, why you are the best, how good your sales support staff are, quality issues, etc, etc. But did you answer (or offer) the question of why you do this?

It is more often than not that you will need to offer this, but either way, you need to have this reason on the tip of your tongue. For example, "I chose to work with this company because their machines are the lowest emission available, and I am passionate about climate change." Or, perhaps, "I work for this supplier because all of their products are ethically sourced and their suppliers are equally well paid. I think that is important, don't you?"

So give your "Why?" question some thought. It might just get your next sale over the line!

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