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Money for old rope, by Mark Blezard

Most organisations value sales training and sales skills. They watch and monitor the sales force, document each sale, and produce endless graphs and spreads for the board. Well, that’s the general idea.

And then there are the sales meetings. Every week, executives call out their sales, write numbers on a whiteboard, give the best achiever a round of applause. Sound familiar?

Yes, we owner/director/managers spend countless hours trying to nurture our sales executives in the hope of an upward sales graph, constantly pulling or pushing a sales force in the same direction of countless years before.

Well, here’s an idea for a new meeting – a product diversification meeting. How many times have you really given proper thought to what else your product or service could be doing? Could medical packaging be used in the food sector? Could a confectionery line be re-branded as an energy snack for the fitness industry?

These types of meetings will, I guarantee it, surprise you. Give your executives time to prepare and have some great rewards for the top three ideas. Not only will it reunite all divisions with what you do – you might just end up with a completely new sector to sell to.

Product diversification by Mark Blezard

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