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Mark Blezard says, "Buy this pen!"

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Taking your customer seriously

So, imagine I am your latest new sales lead, and we’ve just sat down to discuss what you have to offer. You are well trained and stick to the Directional Selling path, so begin by asking me lots ofquestions about my business. All good so far.

But how do you show a new client that you are taking them seriously? Take notes. Write down my answers and underline the answers that appear to be ‘pain points’ that you might be able to resolve for me.

Use a large clean notebook because you are taking me so seriously you expect to extract a lot of information and help resolve a lot of issues.

And share these notes. You are working with me and together we’re going to do something amazing. Make sure we both review points you’ve underlined and get me to confirm that ‘this is right and yes we need to fix this.’

Note taking can prove to be one of the most powerful sales techniques available. So, lastly, take yourself seriously too! DON’T use a cheap, chewed disposable pen. Have something fit for purpose because you are a professional.

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