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Let's talk about closing in sales. Here's 6 top tips from Mark Blezard.

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

1) No two closes will be the same but they should never be hard. Hard selling is bullying. It shouldn’t be necessary.

2) A great close is when both parties are happy. Remember, a 'win-win' will lead to more business from your new client.

3) A sale often has multiple smaller closes. It’s not just one BIG CLOSE at the end.

4) Sometimes you won’t make a sale because the product is simply not right for the client. But don't waste your time, ask for a referral, they probably know someone for whom it is right. Always leave a meeting with something: referrals are really hot leads!

5) Never let yourself be closed on a price squeeze: ‘a deal’, a ‘little bit off.’ It is a slippery slope and devalues you and your company. Whenever possible, add value to maintain price, or take something away. You must value what you are selling otherwise how can the client?

6) Don’t forget your ‘virtual manager call'. Calling back to the office for approval nearly always satisfies a buyer that they’ve got themselves a great deal and they will find it very hard not to sign up on the spot!

Closing a sales by Mark Blezard

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