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Keeping it Personal, by Mark Blezard

It’s a somewhat over-used phrase, People buy People, but that is because it’s true. When you are selling, if the buyer doesn’t connect with you at a personal level – you’ll need one hell of a solution up your sleeve to close the deal.

This is especially important to note if you are new in sales. I know from experience that we tend to focus on the structure of the sale because we are fresh out of training, and forget all else.

This ‘personal connection’ in sales is not confined to your pitch, it relates to all of your sales efforts. From cold calls and emails, to your marketing literature, keep it personal, individual, and as unique to each client as possible.

Whether you are a static retailer, like this butcher, or selling a boring accountancy software solution, remember you are engaging with another human being. Can you make their day/job/life a little bit better? Great, this is what you are selling!

Sales training  by Mark Blezard

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