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It hurts when you lose a deal.

By Mark Blezard

Has someone in your organisation just lost a deal?

Sales Training by Mark Blezard

The biggest factor in losing a deal is skills gaps – sales skills gaps. This might be poor questioning skills, mishandling objections, substandard negotiation... it only takes one skills gap for a deal to collapse.

You have two options:

1) Remove your entire sales force from their daily activities for 'sheep-dip' sales training that covers all elements of selling (not really an option?).

2) Become scientific in your approach, run a sales skills assessment programme and target the individual skills gaps identified. Minimise loss of sales time, maximise your sales training budget, and target areas most likely to yield a sales uplift.

Find skills gaps, fix skills gaps, exclusively through your Sales Skills Audit account. Our clients typically report a sales uplift of between 10-15% as a direct result of our programme.

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