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Great Advertising Ltd to market Streamz Ai

Mark Blezard partners with Streamz

Are your sales executives prepared? I'm pretty sure you will answer "Yes, of course." After all, you've trained them, they have product samples, an active day scheduled via a CRM - prepared, yes?

However, one element many employers forget to prepare for is 'skills fade.' The fading of selling skills, the fade of product knowledge. Simply adding a date in the diary for training is not preparing, that is 'expecting,' – expecting to have to deal with a problem when this time comes around. Being properly prepared means preempting a problem, such as skills fade.

Welcome to the ingenious App, Streamz AI

Mark Blezard
A new sales partner

Streamz AI is dedicated to the sales profession, allowing you to reach out to your sales force 24/7. Populated with your content, you can drip-feed bite sized packets of information about your product line to your executives, thus combating the fade and, more importantly, catching problems before they arise.

No matter how big your sales force is, or how complex and diverse your product line, Streamz AI can keep your executives at the very top of their game – knowledgeable and articulate with the range and applications offered by your organisation. Even better, Streamz can deliver this information in an engaging fashion, using movies and gamification.

Great Advertising is excited to become a sales partner for this amazing technology. Watch this space for more detailed information, and contact Mark Blezard if you would like to learn more today.

Mark Blezard, sales partner
Combat skills fade with Streamz AI

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