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Brand yourself by Mark Blezard

That’s right – and I don’t mean with a branding iron, but your persona, personality… you!

We speak a lot about sales skills and techniques, however, real 'sales superstars' go another step. With a small dollop of ego, they develop their own brand – a look, a feel, and identity – to stand out from the crowd.

Brand yourself by Mark Blezard

A more simple explanation of what needs to be done is to ask yourself ‘what will make me more memorable to my clients?’ It might include your dress style, tonality, or handshake. However, a word of caution, keep it genuine and from the heart.

The importance of ‘branding’ is this. Once you’ve identified your own personal brand you will have something to invest in. Just like corporates invest in their brand... but now it is YOU.

As a – once very small – greengrocer says, “Every little helps.”

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