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Bigger is not necessarily better. By Mark Blezard

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

I've written before about how you should never be frightened of competitive markets, a small piece of a big pie is often more valuable, and stable, than being a dominant player of a small, niche market.

And I have also spoken about pitching against a major brand to take a slice of their business your side. Never think for one minute that you can't compete. Bigger does not mean better customer service.

However, some buyers are frightened of engaging with a new, start-up supplier. They fear you may let them down and call their judgment into question. So, here's a little inspiring image for you to ponder and, perhaps, get help get your foot into more doors.

How you portray yourself to a prospect results in how they perceive you. So long as you can deliver on your promises, get in there! Never assume you can't compete.

Big yourself by, by Mark Blezard

Competition in business should be fun!

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