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Be careful what you ‘hope’ for

By Mark Blezard

Sales training by Mark Blezard

If you must send out ‘cold calling emails’ NEVER start with “I hope this finds you well…” You clearly don’t know me and clearly don’t ‘hope’ I’m well… you ‘hope’ I’ll read your email and reply.

This opening line is so lame I never read past it! Leave ‘hope’ to those who have nothing else to hang on to and start writing emails that are ‘disruptive’ with their killer opening line.

Personally, I tend to not to send out unsolicited emails but if I’m down to this as a last resort, to reach a particularly hot prospect, I will try and keep it to one single line that is intriguing and almost suggest that you’ve missed the first part… “Did you enjoy that presentation? I think it will solve a lot of problems you’ve been having there, shall we schedule a call for tomorrow?

Do share your killer intro lines. It could make a useful reference point for our connections.

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