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Social Media Marketing, mix it up!

By Mark Blezard

Many years ago, I used to sell advertising to restaurants. Catching the owner at the right time was like throwing darts, you needed precision accuracy. Early morning, no reply. Lunchtime, forget it. Evening, busy.

I had a similar experience selling directory listings to tradesmen. Call in the daytime, forget it. Evenings, better, but watch out for the 'just home' slot.

This got me thinking, it is the same with social media marketing. Sure, the main platforms take your content and rework it, it is in their interest too that you get engagement. However, your posts are at their most powerful on the first hit of the send button. Think of it like lighting a bonfire, it may still become a blaze but you don't want the 'smoldering mode' in between. You want an explosion.

So, try mixing up your post times. Most of us are creatures of habit. Telephones call in the morning, paperwork after lunch, social media in the evening – perhaps? Whatever your habit is, if you have one, take a look at the first wave of 'likes' and 'shares.' Are they the same people? I bet they are!

And the moral of this blog; mix up your post times. Not only does it help target different time zones, but a whole new audience too, that may well have been missing you irrespective of your connection status.

Social Media Marketing by Mark Blezard

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