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Mixed Messages.

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Mark Blezard talks about selling.

It’s quite common in sales – mixed messages. A client seems enthusiastic when scheduling an appointment, however, the first words upon arrival are ‘I’m not interested’.

So what’s going on? How can they say one thing and then do the exact opposite? Worse still, it is extremely frustrating and annoying for you, the sales executive. It throws you off guard and spins your head. How on earth do you get things back on track?

Well here’s the great news. You simply ignore these ‘left of field’ mixed messages. Yes, bat them away like a mosquito, because they mean nothing.

All that is happening here is that you, and your client, have deviated off the consultative sales path, that’s all. And your frustration is purely because you are now focusing on how to close a seemingly impossible sale. Big mistake.

The reason why we call it a ‘sales path’ is to help guide yourself (and the client) through a sales procedure. You know; Qualify, Match, Close. So these mixed messages are purely a signal that your client has strayed away from the path and needs rescuing. That’s all.

So, remember. Ignore the client’s ‘chunter’ [mixed message], and never tackle it head-on. Simply reflect on where you are, or should be, in the sales process and focus on getting them back on board. Sometimes, ironically, this can be through the use of your own mixed message, which wrong-foots the prospect and helps them forget their last line.

Mixed Messages. By Mark Blezard

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