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Entrepreneurship by Mark Blezard

Starting up your own enterprise

I simply do not have enough fingers on my hands to count the number of times someone has said to me, "I'd love to start my own business but I have no idea what it could be?"

Typically, this line comes from two types of people. 1) Those who should never start their own business. 2) A entrepreneur who needs a little guidance.

Let's focus on #2. A true entrepreneur looks at the world slightly differently to an average person. A mediocre business person could well be someone who found themselves running a company through inheritance, or perhaps via a management buy-out. Alternatively, they had the courage to take the leap but then, without an idea, copied that of their former employer. Neither is wrong, however, this is not true entrepreneurship.

True entrepreneurs have the skill of spotting opportunities. This is where they see the world differently. They can see products and services – not for what they are – but what they could be. They have ideas on how to repurpose and repackage items that others will never see.

So, if you are struggling with that idea, and you are a true entrepreneur, just open your eyes.

Entrepreneurship by Mark Blezard
Entrepreneurship is about spotting opportunities

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