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About us?
Actually about you!

ADVERTISING [the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services]

... or in our book - selling more of your product.


We're guessing you are here because you are seeking a new marketing angle? Or even better, a sales boost?


We have over 30 years experience in start-up companies, helping them go from concept to market with immediate sales capture and cash-flow.


Launching or re-launching, a product or service is all about the 'packaging': how does the potential customer perceive your offering and how easy is it for them to understand what you have?

We can create the marketing theme, fine-tune the sales pitch, and even test sell your product for expert market feedback. If you are in beta stage, you are in 'our stage' and together we can take your product to market.

We are not an advertising agency.

We are a 'doing agency' because Great Advertising SELLS.

Ask founder, Mark Blezard why...

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The Wall of Ideas

Sales & Marketing Solutions

We work with clients from all sectors, bringing innovative ideas and practical solutions that have not been previously considered. Hire us for a day or a year - when ever a fresh pair of eyes are required.

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Brand Creation & Evaluation

We have launched countless products over  the past 30 years, as well as re-launching a 60-year-old failing product and taking it back to a marketing-leading position in less than two. We can spot opportunities, re-package existing ones, and ensure new launches are clear, concise and as attractive to your target audience as possible. 

We have an innovative approach and can shine new light on products that are demonstrating mediocre performance. If your company has lost that entrepreneurial flair call us for a consultation and let's reignite it.

Direct Selling

Our background is sales, so whatever area of consultation we cover for you, our eye is on the selling of your services. Yes, we will help you with advertising and creatives but always with a view to the final customer engagement. We spot opportunities that others miss. Even without sector knowledge, we can find a new angle.

And when it comes to the 'proof of the pudding', we will take new ideas and 'test sell' to ensure we are right with the proposed concept.

Have we caught your interest?

Call us today and see what we can do for you. A 20-minute consultation with our lead consultant, Mark Blezard, will cost you nothing but might just revolutionise your organisation.  Meet the team >>>

The Wall of Ideas


What Our Clients Have to Say

At Great Advertising, [GA] we know what exceptional customer service means and we go the extra mile to make sure our clients reach their goals. For many years, we’ve helped clients transform their businesses thanks to a unique understanding of the relationship between 'sales' and 'marketing.'


For a better understanding of Mark Blezard's [founder] ability in sales and marketing, read our blog here: Mark Blezard on Sales.
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We used Mark's services to launch a new software business. His ideas were outstanding and commitment to prove them directly with clients impressive.

Quinn Davis

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