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Get to the point! By Mark Blezard

What do you sell?

This 'point' applies throughout your business model – the ability to get to it. I've previously stated that, when cold calling, you have between 5 to 10 seconds to engage a new prospect. Well, this rule applies to the majority of your business activities.

• When you are cold calling – you have less than 10 seconds to engage that new prospect.

• When you are designing a print advertisement – even less, try just two seconds as we 'scan read.'

• When writing a film advertisement – it's a bit like cold calling, circa 5 seconds

But here's the real nugget of gold for you, what 'the point' is. It is not the name of your product, the name of your company, or even your name. It is your solution. Imagine a tourist running through town with their hand on their butt – and they spot this shop window. This retailer used their window to fish for a problem, a pain point, and pitch the solution. They got to the point.

So, here's a funny thought for you. When you are preparing a pitch or an advertisement, think 'diarrhea!' What problem can you solve today? The answer is your point.

Mark Blezard on sales and marketing
What do you sell?

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